Free Baby's Booties Knitting Pattern

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Simple Bootees


Small amount of DMC 80 thread (or one that gives the same results) and size 1mm knitting needles

Leaving a small thread end cast on 19 stitches and knit 5 rows.

Knit 11 sts, K2 tog through the back of the loop, turn

Purl 4 sts, P 2 tog, turn

Knit 4 sts, K 2 tog tbl turn

Continue decreasing in this manner til you have 14 sts on needles. This will be when you have finished a knit row and you will have 4 sts on your left hand needle.

What I do to stop a hole forming here is to bring the yarn forward and then place the first stitch from the left hand needle onto my right hand needle and then put the yarn to the back of the work and place the stitch back on to the left hand needle. I then turn the work and P4, P2 tog, turn. Then I have 13 sts on the needle and I knit to the end of the row.

Then work 2 rows knit and cast off loosely leaving a thread long enough to sew up the back and foot seams. As I am sewing up the bottom of the foot seam I oversew the thread left when I cast on the stitches.

Makes the work look neat


Free Knitting Pattern by
Jeannette Fishwick




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